Aldemar Olympian Village 5*

Aldemar Olympian Village 5* (Skafidia, Peloponnese, Greece)Hotel Aldemar Olympian Village 5* – PeloponneseGreece

Region: Skafidia.
Location: 13 km from Pirgos, 30 km from Olympia, 50 km from Araxos airport.
Beach: 1st line (on the beach), private, sandy.
Area: 200 000 m2 (common with Aldemar Royal Olympian 5*).
Concept: Half Board, Full Board, All Inclusive.
Accommodation: 1-3-storey buildings.
Additional information: hotel Aldemar Olympian Village 5* has a common territory with Aldemar Royal Olympian 5*.

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Mantas Hotel 3*

Mantas Hotel 3* (Loutraki, Peloponnese, Greece)Mantas Hotel 3* – Loutraki – PeloponneseGreece

Region: Loutraki.
Location: center of Loutraki, 100 km from airport Athens airport.
Beach: 3rd line (in 200 m, across the road), private, pebble.
Area: 2 500 m2.
Concept: Bed&Breakfast, Half Board.
Accommodation: 6-storey building.

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